We revamped the packaging and branding for a Korean skincare line, giving it a modern twist while staying true to its cultural roots.

Adding a bit of tech magic*, we based all our communicationand ads on 3D** and AI. Our unique approach led toeye-catching product and lifestyle shots, ideal for social media and websites.

*The product photography was created entirely in 3D with post-production in Photoshop. And some of the image photos, the faces of models in Midjourney.

It's surprising how strategic planning and the right team can bringthat big project to life without ever leaving home.
The main intention and intriguing feature of the logo was to design letters with a width and balance that would appear aesthetically pleasing in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

We incorporated two of these letters into our materials, aiming to express the traditions of both European and Asian writing systems.
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